Exclusive Fighting Sports Club PO

Exclusive Fighting Sports Club was founded by the patronage of Robert Ghazanchyan.

 Robert Ghazanchyan is the founder-president of the organization.It is a unique sports organization, self-financing, which was founded in Armenia in 2022. Exclusive Fighting is globally branded and recognized by the following logo EFC.

The organization has a task to develop the following proffesional sports in clear steps kickboxing, and boxing.

Our organization organizes international championships in Armenia, as well as outside the borders of Armenia, involving world-famous athletes.

The organization also has its permanent club athletes, with whom exclusive contracts have been signed, where by these athletes perform under our logo anywhere in the world.

The organization and the president of the organization regularly provide financial and property support to Armenian athletes.

The organization has its honorary representatives in the following countries: USA, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Belarus, Russia.Our official partners are UPNEXTFIGHTING (USA), PETROSYAN MANIA (ITALY), ARKA FIGHTING (FRANCE)․

The organization is open and transparent, open to any discussions and suggestions.

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Phone:+374 44 050604